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Dental Products in Shrewsbury


We offer three different standards of denture: NHS, Independent and Private.

  • NHS dentures are supplied with either Delphic or Delphic V teeth as preferred and finished in a trans veined acrylic. All partial dentures are fitted to duplicate models before being returned to save time chair-side.
  • Independent dentures are supplied with either Cosmo HXL or Natura teeth, for more durability, as preferred and finished in a trans veined acrylic. The option for a higher quality denture base is also available for an extra charge. 
  • Private Dentures are also supplied with Cosmo HXL or Natura teeth and are fully contoured and stippled if required. These cases also come with hi impact denture base, special trays and immediates included at no extra charge.

Express Copy Technique Service

We also are happy to offer an express denture copy technique service at no extra charge to all our clients on all standards of denture work. For more info just drop us a line either through our website or over the phone.

Saber Tooth White Approved Stockists                                                         



We are also Shropshire's approved stockists of Saber Tooth White complete whitening system for professional use only. For more information and practice literature you can get in touch via the website or over the phone.


We offer an express service on all repairs and additions with practices based within a mile of Shrewsbury town centre receiving twice daily pick ups/drops. Members of the public can also take advantage of our 1hr express repair service with no need to make an appointment. 


We offer a large range of designs from fangs to flags in hundreds of colour combinations.

Shade guides and design charts and posters are avaliable on request, just call or e-mail.

For all of our clients based within Shropshire we can turn these jobs around in 48 hrs, 72 hrs nationwide.

Other Services

We also offer a range of other services including implant work all info and prices on request.

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